About ACT

Roelie Post and Arun Dohle assert that adoption constitutes legalized child trafficking. They founded Against Child Trafficking to actively combat the practice. Their aim is to eliminate intercountry adoption within five years.

A large world map adorned their office wall in Brussels, marked with green, red, and blue dots. Green dots represented countries with “open” adoption policies, red dots signified countries that had closed their doors to adoption, and blue dots indicated regions they had already investigated, such as Malawi, Ethiopia, China, Peru, and India.

Their ultimate goal is to create a “red world” where inter-country adoptions have ceased. They view the current system as a “legalized trade of children” involving the exchange of vulnerable children for large sums of money. They describe adoption as a world with John Le Carré-like elements: stolen babies, unscrupulous traders, dishonest orphanage directors, and forged adoption procedures—something they believe is a pervasive reality.

Read The Perverse Effects Of The Hague Adoption Convention by Roelie Post, author of Romania For Export Only: The Untold Story of the Romanian Orphans.