Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium

Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium 2022

Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium 2022

Protecting Local and Global Families on the Crisis of Adoption Trafficking.

  • Anti-human trafficking efforts and solutions

  • Stories from survivors of human trafficking

  • Experts in adoption trauma and research

Adopted people representing each continent shared their personal stories on how they were falsely labeled as orphans to be processed for international adoption, many of who were also featured on ABC Nightline, Oprah, Dan Rather, NBC News, and BBC Radio.

Parents (separated by adoption) shared their stories on how they were tricked and an inside scoop on the tricks of the trade within the industry.

Most people are unaware of the crisis of Adoption Trafficking. Infants and children are literally stolen from moms and dads for international adoption. At the symposium, you will see how this happens and why it began. This tragedy even occurs in the US but in a different way. The panelists educate and bring awareness to what is going on behind the scenes. It is vital for the mainstream–especially organizations such as yours (or people like you)–to understand, so we can stop this from happening to unsuspecting vulnerable parents all around the world.

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Learn about the hidden side of adoption. Read, Adoption: What You Should Know.

Adoption: What You Should Know, Janine Myung Ja

Don’t get duped. Gain a bird’s-eye view of the hidden side of the practice here!

It is a must-read for academics studying the field and particularly useful for social workers, counselors, anthropologists, human rights advocates, and adoptee allies. Pick up this book today and be one of the rare few who know more than the professionals in the field. This research book summarizes the inception and expansion of the adoption industry, focusing on its roots and consequences kept from public awareness. Taken children–now adults–are critiquing a global man-made market. This perspective is meant to inform vulnerable communities against a fierce industry that professes God is on their side. It is only natural for Mother Nature to recover itself.

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