Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium 2022

The Intersection Between Child Trafficking and International Adoption.

Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium. Tacoma, Washington, June 18th, 2022

Washington State History Museum.

“Sharing life experiences can be the hardest thing one can do–especially when we speak on a topic that directly impacted us and goes against the grain of the mainstream or public opinion. On behalf of my sister and me and Against Child Trafficking overseas, I need to tell you how deeply appreciative we are of your willingness to share your experience of adoption. We know it can be completely devastating at times, and we hope that you have or can find some peace from all that you have survived. Please know
that we have “been there,” and we
hope that we can be with you –at the very least, in heart and mind while we all process the loss and grief of separation, as well as the hope for reunification and peace. Please know that you’ve made a difference!”

Rev. Dr. Janine Vance
Executive Director | ACT USA

Jenette Yamamoto
Board Member | ACT USA

Event Planner

Arun Dohle | Executive Director
Against Child Trafficking | Europe

Thank you!

The Against Child Trafficking USA Team.

The Global Experts on Adoption Trafficking.

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