The Intersection Between Child Trafficking & International Adoption.

Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium – Press Release


A letter from the program director:

Hi, I’m Rev. Dr. Janine Vance, the Program Director of Against Child Trafficking in the USA. I’m also the visionary of an upcoming first-ever historical event called the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium, which will take place in the state of Washington on Saturday, June 18th, 2022.

Along with fellow international, transracial, domestic and late-discovery adoptees from around the world, I’m coordinating an all-day educational program to inform the public about an unknown worldwide crisis called adoption trafficking. We will discuss how children are sometimes sourced for intercountry adoption and its lifelong aftermath. The purpose of this educational event will be to protect local and global communities, families, and at-risk parents from being exploited by the commodification of children.

We have amazing participants who are willing to travel from around the world to present at this event. Team ACT USA is proud to be able to welcome Arun Dohle, the Executive Director and Field Researcher of Against Child Trafficking Europe | India, to the US for this groundbreaking program. Mr. Dohle has been interviewed numerous times on overseas trafficking cases and shared his expertise on child rights in private with fellow intercountry adoptees and publicly, such as on TEDx. His presentation is titled “The Intersection Between Child Trafficking and International Adoption.”

Other profound adoption trafficking experiences include Chilean-born adoptee, Tyler Graf. Devastatingly, his mother was told he had died at childbirth; however, he was processed for international adoption soon after his birth. He was recently featured on ABC Nightline News and Good Morning America. Other vital panelists include adult adoptees and allies from Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa; they are also sharing much-needed activism in their respective fields of expertise and we’re so fortunate to hear their experiences as a collective.

JOIN US! Please note, that there are a limited number of seats available. To gain access, you must register today. You may use this link for access: Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium | Registration, Saturday, Jun 18, 2022, at 9:00 AM | at Eventbrite.

This groundbreaking all-day symposium is founded on rare and unacknowledged perspectives presented by concerned overseas and domestic adult adoptees. This is your opportunity to ask questions and receive answers on why adoptees refuse to be used as props in the religious and political “adoption versus abortion” debate. Share this announcement with your network. Against Child Trafficking USA, a 501c3, is an all-volunteer organization initiated by adoptees intended to inform and protect vulnerable communities.

You also need to be protected from a fierce demand-driven market. Hearing these experiences will save you and others from potentially wasting tens of thousands of dollars in application fees for a child unethically sourced for international adoption or permanently losing your loved ones to adoption. You need to know the current global activism led by adult adoptees and our allies! If you cannot attend, consider donating to ACT USA. Education is key when it comes to child trafficking prevention.

Rev. Dr. Janine Vance
Program Director | Team ACT USA