ACT USA Town Hall Discussion on Adoption Trafficking:

If Against Child Trafficking USA were to host an “all hands-on discussion” on the underside of adoption, would you want to attend? If there is enough interest, Against Child Trafficking USA will host an international meet-up available via Zoom. By signing up you acknowledge the event will be recorded. Due to the sensitive nature and very personal experiences, the admin cannot be responsible for the attitude and actions of every member. *Everyone’s opinion is their own. Interested in educational materials for your organization or NGO? Fill out this form.

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Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network (AT.TWIN) is a forum consisting of families separated by adoption, parents-of-loss, and initiated for adopted people who are now equal rights proponents. ATTWIN, a program within Against Child Trafficking USA, was established on social media by Vance Twins LLC in 2011. After returning to the United States from a trip to Seoul, South Korea, and being hit by many surprises, the twins were curious about what mothers of loss were saying about adoption. Not only did mothers immediately join the forum, but also fathers, siblings, and adopted people from every continent. Whereas other groups tend to be funded, guided, and monitored by adoption agencies and adoptive parents, this forum focuses on reunions and human rights issues ignored by the adoption industry. ATTWIN grew much more significant than imagined and became more diverse, primarily acknowledging the vast experiences of adopted people, families separated by adoption, and parents of loss. The Vance Twins LLC joined forces with Against Child Trafficking (ACT) Europe and India to establish ACT in the USA. ACT USA aims to provide adoptee search and reunion scholarships, 24/7 peer support, and protect local and global families through networking and education.

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